Vallance Road, E1, London

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Row of derelict shops

Fairly recently, I did a mixed media picture inspired by a row of derelict buildings I came across in the East End of London. Vallance Road was the address, and ‘Vallance Road, E1’ is the art. However, the good news is that they have been saved from demolition. Too important an architectural feature to let them become a grey block of offices. There is a great set of photos of the road as it is now, but also what it used to look like on the legendary Spitalfields Life blog here.

screen shot of a web pageThere was quite a lot of twitter chat after I shared my image, and somebody from San Francisco, USA has bought a print of it from me. East meets West. So, here’s a link to my print shop, and a reminder of the work and the initial pencil drawing I did.

Illustration of empty buildings
‘Vallance Road, E1’. 2014. Oil, watercolour, acrylic on paper. 38 x 26 cm.
pencil drawing of a street
Pencil drawing of an East London street.