The City of London’s Lost Dragon

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The Search for the Missing Dragon
The Search for the Missing Dragon.  2013. Pen, ink and Photoshop.

I’d been wanting to do a piece involving the dragon statues that encircle the boundaries of the old City of London for a while. When I discovered that they were not all the same design or size, an idea of a leader (plus troops) began to form. So on a bright spring day, earlier in the year, I set off to find all thirteen of the dragons to photograph (or at least observe) them in their ‘natural habitat’. After a lot of leg work and standing by the side of busy roads, I headed home only to discover that although Wikepedia had listed 13, I’d only established the existence of 12. Oh no! Had I missed one? Another web search revealed that I hadn’t: the firebreather has been taken into safe storage whilst the Crossrail project carves it’s way under London according to The Daily Constitutional. So, the final piece in getting my ideas together was found – my picture would be a gang of dragons hunting down their missing colleague.

You can read more in this feature about the work on popular London website Londonist.

Here are some photos that I took along the way:

Print now available to buy in my shop: the-search-for-the-missing-dragon

If you’re a fan of ancient reptilian London creatures, the Victorian dinosaur sculptures in Crystal Palace Park are worth a visit. I’ve even had some cushions made featuring my Crystal Palace Monsters design (also available via my online store).

Crystal Palace Monsters dinosaur cushion
Crystal Palace Monsters dinosaur cushion