Pick and Mix People

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A combined post, methinks: incorporating a couple of different but both figure-based images.

Tattoo 123

illustration of the backs of three nude women

I felt that I should do something with the life drawings I’ve been producing in the last year. This was one of my favourites – ┬áthe back of a woman drawn with a charcoal pencil. To liven things up, and to create interest, I’ve added scans of some old textured paper and experimented with colour. So many people have tattoos these days, so I tried to think of unlikely subjects for a back ‘stencil’. There are a few hints of consumerism, London life, ageing, and the labelling/branding of people within this if you look.


Regent’s Park Sketch

sketch of people in a park

I had a Saturday afternoon to myself the other day, so on a scorching June day I headed up to Regent’s Park, north London for some people watching. I found a friendly bench, plugged into a BBC Radio 4 Ray Bradbury drama, and relaxed. Actually, it was a bit too warm for concerted drawing, so I only managed this page of my sketchbook. The main problem was that except for the woman sitting on the floor, everyone else was moving. I had a few seconds to choose them, take a mental photo and start drawing. The little dog with the ball was definitely the hardest of all! At one point, a little group of rowdy 11 year olds bounded over asking what I was drawing. Comments ranged from “Are you an artist??”, “How do you do that? Are you just looking and drawing it?” to a chorus of “That is sick!”: sick being the current word for cool / good / well bad / ace / top / skill depending on how old your are, reader.