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Three cushions showing images by Matt Bannister

I’ve just entered a design competition through online store adapting some images that may be already familiar to you, dear Reader. The concept of the contest is as follows: I create the pillow/cushion design (or three in this case) which is uploaded onto their site. At the end of the ‘live’ period (I think it’s mid November) the designer of the cushion with the most social media sharing AND sales will be asked to join their collective. It’s a very clever device and a good way for them to see a whole range of artists’ work, but within a real commercial setting.

If you’re reading this, please share your favourite cushion (via the relevant Facebook link on the website) or even buy one! Even if I don’t win, the automatic designs the competition creates look great, and may have inspired me to do something like this myself in the future.

Click on each design below, and it will take you to that product on


Dinosaurs designThree dragons