Change Here For Evolution

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illustration of extinct mammals on a railway platform

It’s been rumoured for a good few months, but it’s finally here: the follow up and official companion piece to my ‘Crystal Palace Monsters’ pic – Change Here For Evolution. I knew that I had to do something with more of those lovely Victorian statues from Crystal Palace Park.

Regular users of Crystal Palace Station can now see why that section of the platforms is not open to the public: it’s for the animals! For the uneducated (including me, as I had to look them up) the prehistoric passengers to be are (from left to right): Megatherium, Megaloceros at the back; Anoplotherium (Anoplotheria?) milling around at the front. The poser with the big antlers is another Megaloceros. The Megatherium was like a giant sloth and the Anopletherium a bit like a llama/tapir perhaps. Megaloceros is definitely a giant variety of deer or elk. I’m sure they have less formal names, too, but I never asked…

You can also now by A4 and A3 prints of this image in my online store. A perfect companion for the Crystal Palace Monsters.


a pen drawing the antlers of a deer

Statue of an Anoplotherium

Statue of an Megatherium

Ceiling of Crystal Palace Station

Sign at Crystal Palace Station