A Tour of Crystal Palace Transmitter

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My artistic life hit the SE19 neighbourhood once again, as I was invited to take a tour of the Crystal Palace transmitter as part of the national Fun Palaces weekend.

artwork of electrical equipment
Antenna 1
artwork of electrical equipment
Antenna 2
artwork of electrical equipment
Antenna 3

The tour around all the working digital and obsolete analogue equipment was great. Armed with a few permitted photos on my camera, I hot trained it back home to create these three pieces of acrylic and ink artworks. My analogue dirt and expression of the clean lines and smooth wires of some of the old transmission devices.

crystal palace transmitter tower

people taking photographs
There were lots of interesting photo opportunities. Is that the foot of a giant robot?

I took lots of photos inside. The noisiest rooms were the operational ones. All the fans needed to keep the computer equipment cool create quite a racket: more like a factory than the gentle hum of zeroes and ones that I’d expected.


poster for Crystal Fun PalaceFind out more about the weekend at the official web gallery here http://crystalfunpalace.co.uk/transmitter/